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Gun control groups will resort to many covert or subversive methods to push their anti-gun agenda on others. They have used accidental shootings of children to push their agenda, but they do nothing about accident injuries of deaths of children by automobiles, kitchen products, alcohol or pills.

Anti-groups have also resorted to using false rhetoric to push their agenda. They know the facts they present are wrong, but they continue to repeat them over and over just to push their agenda.

Then they turn to shaming celebrities and others of influence into agreeing with them, such as what has recently happened with the current columnist behind Dear Abby. When she replied to someone that being asked about guns in them home before playdates with their kids and other kids that it was ‘off-putting’. Then the anti-gun Brady Campaign got to her.

When Jeanne Phillips, the columnist behind “Dear Abby,” said parents asking about guns in the home before playdates was “off-putting,” anti-gun lobbyists chastised her.

She modified her original position on June 27, and the Brady Campaign to Prevent Gun Violence said they pushed Phillips into changing her stance. But said the Brady Campaign “shamed” Phillips into being pro-gun control.

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Phillips is an advice columnist, but on this issue she was more concerned with telling readers and lobbyists what they wanted to hear rather than her opinion…

If Phillips is so concerned about the safety of children, then why hasn’t she come out against swimming pools or motor vehicles. They kill and injury more children than guns do. Bicycles, skateboards, roller skates and sports injure more children than guns. When Dear Abby and the Brady Campaign start tackling issues that present more danger to children than guns, then perhaps more people will start listening to them.




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