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I don’t know what it is about the Trump family, but they sure know how to make the liberal media freak out.

Whether it’s Ivanka Trump’s shoe line (or when she sits in her dad’s chair), or Eric Trump’s haircut, or Barron Trump’s fidget spinner, or Melania Trump’s accent, or President Trump’s tweets… liberals always seem to have a very weird reason to be upset with some member of the Trump family.

Apparently, Donald Trump Jr. has more in common with his dad than we realized because a recent tweet of his is now causing liberal heads to explode.

Trump Jr. re-tweeted a video of a photoshopped clip from the 1986 action flick “Top Gun” on Saturday. In the video, President Donald Trump’s face is superimposed over Tom Cruise’s as he shoots down a pair of Russian jets which have had the CNN logo superimposed over them. Trump is then seen repeating his famous catchphrase from the Apprentice, “You’re Fired!” before launching his missiles and destroying the Russian-CNN jets.

Donald Trump Jr. tweeted his thoughts that the video was “one of the best” he’d seen.

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And here’s the video Trump, Jr. linked to that got liberals so upset:

I’m not the first to say that leftists are humorless, but it’s the truth. The left has lost its sense of humor.

Can you even imagine what they must think about this latest video?

If the original Trump tweet of him tackling Vince McMahon (with CNN’s logo superimposed over McMahon’s head) sent them into fits of rage and worry that it could encourage “violence against the media.” How much more upset must this Top Gun footage be making them?

Do you think that there are reporters at CNN wondering about some right-wing nut getting into a fighter jet and chasing them around with missiles?

There is no word about whether or not CNN had discovered who the maker of the video was yet, or if they’d decided to blackmail this person the way they did the maker of the Trump-CNN wrestling video. #CNNBlackmail

Hopefully, CNN has learned their lesson and they’ll leave this creative and very funny video-maker alone.


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