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The footage below shows an employee at a Jimmy John’s sandwich restaurant being robbed at gun point. At first it seems as if the man is ordering and they look to be speaking calmly, but then the thug pulls out a gun and it is suddenly clear what is being said.

See for yourself:

The robber seems very cowardly, if you ask me. He was very reluctant to present his gun, and even acted as if he was trying to hide it. Then, he is emboldened for some reason. This is when he starts waving it at the cashier and whoever is in the background. However, he still seems nervous is is pretty sloppy. He is obviously not used to wielding a gun.

Another thing I noticed is that his gun appears to jam when he tried to chamber a round. Did anyone else catch that? If that’s the case, the gun was entirely useless during the entire robbery.

I must give it to the Jimmy John’s employee though, he remained extremely calm during this altercation. Perhaps the only way he would have been able to react any better is if he had been carrying.

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