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Whether you are pro or anti-gun, you have to admit we live in a violent society where more and more attacks are being made on people in the workplace. Some of the attacks are carried out by upset employees, former employees, estranged spouses and terrorists (San Bernardino). At least one business required its employees to obtain concealed carry permits. Is this a good move to protect employees?

In a recent defense story from Cleveland, Ohio, a man said that he had a concealed carry permit because his past employer required it. From

“He said he has a concealed carry permit because he used to work at a barbershop, and the owner required barbers to get their concealed carry licenses for their protection.”

I suspect that more businesses are taking this approach. It brings about many benefits. Last year, we had the example of a Georgia business owner who required his employees to be armed. He would give them a Taurus Judge revolver when they showed him their concealed carry permit.

Here are a few of the advantages.  They have been hidden behind false narratives and misinformation about people who legally carry guns.

If more employers required their employees to obtain concealed carry permits and to carry their firearm at work, it should and will deter some workplace shootings. It would also help stop some shootings in process and thus saving the lives of employees and customers. On the flip side, if your employer deems your workplace to be a gun free zones, be aware that this action does place you in harm’s way since these are the locations targeted by wackos and terrorists.



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