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Youtuber Mark Rober is a former NASA engineer who is now a YouTube star. Last year he crafted the Guiness Book of World Record’s largest Nerf Gun ever, and this summer he decided to take on the Super Soaker. “When the Super Soaker was first invented, it was an absolute game-changer in my neighborhood. So now, that I’m a dad and know how to engineer, I decided to once again level up my water-fighting capabilities,” Rober says in the video.

The coolest thing about the entire video may well be the engineering science behind how it works. As the Smithsonian Magazine explains, it’s not all that different from the original Super Soaker.

Despite its outlandish size, the massive Super Soaker is based on the same principles as the original, reports Chaim Gartenberg for The Verge. Air is pumped under pressure into a tank of water, and pulling a trigger shoots that pressurized water out of the gun. The main difference is that Rober’s design uses tanks of pressurized nitrogen gas to get supersized results that wouldn’t be possible with mere hand pumping.​

In the video, Rober talks with Lonnie Johnson, the creator of the Super Soaker and a fellow NASA engineer turned inventor. Johnson is a lifetime inventor and won a science fair in high school in 1968 by building a functioning robot. The prototype of the Super Soaker came about while Johnson was tinkering in his bathroom with a refrigeration system that would use water instead of harmful chemicals.

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Watch the video below and then share it out with your friends, or try building one yourself:


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