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Dear avid hunters and fishers of Georgia,

Georgia’s govornor, Nathan Deal, will be signing a bill on Tuesday that will increase fees associated with hunting and fishing licenses. On Thursday, the Georgia’s House gave a final approval to House Bill 208.

No need to worry though….the price hike isn’t substantial. We are only looking about about $5-$15 differences. However, in the long run, this will raise somewhere between $7 million and $8 million per year of the Department of Natural Resources.

For the first time since 1992, hunting licenses will go from $10 to $15, and annual fishing licenses will go from $9 to $15.

A basic annual hunting and fishing license for state residents would rise from $17 to $30. Other categories such as lifetime licenses and non-resident licenses also will see a hike.

Department of Natural Resources Director of Public and Government Affairs spokesman Wes Robinson says that revenue from the increase will go toward hiring 40 additional game wardens and improving department-managed infrastructure. Forty-seven counties are currently without a game warden.

The new prices will take effect on July 1, as fees with surrounding states are expected to rise as well.

The bill aims to set new license fees near the middle range of what nearby states charge and “dedicate those funds to the (Department of Natural Resources) and wildlife resources.”

The money could be spent on a range of things, such as opening public fishing areas on more days, hiring rangers, improving wildlife management areas and stocking fish, DNR Commissioner Mark Williams said.

There are about 515,000 licensed Georgia hunters, according to the Department of Natural Resources, and there are about 785,000 anglers. Those numbers include people who have both a hunting and a fishing license.

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