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Today’s news tends to read more like a 60’s espionage novel than the retelling of bland, political happenstance, largely due to the horrible behavior of our intelligence community.

Of course, we expect that the FBI and CIA have to work in some grey areas.  They do the dirty work that we don’t really want to know about, at least for the most part.  Deposing foreign leaders, disinformation campaigns, the whole lot.

But what happens when the FBI turns on its own people?  That is something that we as a nation have been forced to consider for some time, due to the ridiculous revelation regarding an FBI spy in the Trump 2016 campaign.

Now, in an even more incredible turn of events, it looks as though this spy wasn’t alone either.

A Russian man who contacted the Trump campaign in May 2016 claiming to be an American citizen named “Hank Greenberg” and offering dirt on Hillary Clinton also worked as an FBI informant for at least 17 years, according to a private investigation undertaken by former Trump campaign adviser Michael Caputo.

Caputo said in a letter he sent to the House Intelligence Committee on Friday that the man, 59-year-old Gennadiy Vasilievich Vostretsov, had reached out to him in late May 2016 through his business partner in Miami, a Russian national named Sergey Petrushin. Vostretsov introduced himself as “Henry Greenberg” and said he had information about Clinton he wanted to provide the Trump campaign.

Caputo put him in touch with Roger Stone, who was serving as a senior adviser to then-candidate Donald Trump and lived in South Florida. Stone met with “Greenberg” but later told Caputo that he had tried to sell information on Clinton, but he declined and thought “Greenberg” was “a nut,” according to the letter.

According to text messages reviewed by the Washington Post, Caputo wrote to Stone: “How crazy is the Russian?” Stone replied that “Greenberg” wanted “big” money. “Waste of time,” he texted Caputo.

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Is this all a part of the systemic, Deep State “resistance” to President Trump?  It certainly appears so.

When the left loses, they often figuratively flail about, attempting to convince everyone in their line of sight that they alone understand that nature of suffering and grief.  The left wants to have a monopoly on emotion, that way, when they are caught red handed in these dastardly debacles they can simply rely on the impression of a cold, heartless opponent to maintain their virtue-signaling victimization claim.

Well, liberals, I’m incensed at this news.  This is my emotional reaction.  Deal with it.



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