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If you talk with very many liberals, you will soon discover than many of them push their liberal agendas without any idea of the truth about the issues. Anti-gun activists continue to repeat the same rhetoric over and over, even though most of the facts and statistics show that their agenda only results in more crime and violence. Instead they blindly push their agenda to disarm the American people.

Then there are the liberals who push their anti-American and anti-Christian and anti-family and anti-decency agenda of LGBTQ right upon everyone. They want to be tolerated by everyone, but they refuse to tolerate anyone else.

Now there is a PAC that not only raises money for the political campaigns of anti-gun liberals but also for candidates who support and push for LGBTQ rights.

A gun-control political committee started after the mass shooting at the Pulse nightclub in Orlando announced Monday the creation of a new fellowship program in honor of Billy Manes, an Orlando writer and activist who passed away in July.

According to the announcement, the Pride Fund to End Gun Violence PAC, an organization that helps elect pro-LGBTQ candidates who support gun-control, is seeking sponsors for the Billy Manes Memorial Fellowship. The educational fellowship will aim to help train those interested in becoming LGBTQ and gun-control advocates.

“Billy was an integral member of Pride Fund to End Gun Violence and was one of the LGBTQ community’s most outspoken advocates…

Twenty-years ago, none of this LGBTQ activism would have been tolerated, but back then, American still had some vestiges of decency and Christianity. However, over the past two decades, liberals, progressives and socialists have successfully destroyed the last vestiges of the morals and values that America was founded upon. It’s heartbreaking for many of us who remember the America of old and to realize that our children grandchildren and generations to come will never see the great America that we knew.




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