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Stacy Washington is a female black American radio host and Co-Chair of the National Advisory Council for Project 21 – National Center for Public Policy Research. Her radio program Stacy on the Right Show originates in St. Louis. She referred back to the Jim Crow era when Democrats pushed to disarm many blacks which left them more vulnerable to be harassed and lynched by members of the KKK.

During an interview for the upcoming episode of Breitbart News’Bullets with AWR Hawkins,  black, syndicated talk show host Stacy Washington pointed out that armed people are harder to lynch and she expounded on the helplessness blacks faced when Democrats disarmed them during the Jim Crow era.

Washington spoke at length about how Democrat-comprised groups like the Ku Klux Klan were able to terrorize blacks who could not shoot in defense of life or property.

She said, “Martin Luther King Jr., was denied a concealed carry permit. His life was threatened a lot and he really wanted to protect himself with a concealed permit but he could not because he could not get one. This is hold-over racism from the Democrats and their Jim Crow era controls and all that.” …

Washington is urging black Americans to arm themselves to make it more difficult for others to carry out their racially motivated attacks and harassment against them. She told a crowd that having a gun would make it a lot harder for anyone to try to lunch them. It’s interesting that she is a black female conservative who supports gun rights and blames Democrats for much of the wrong treatment of black Americans in the past and present.

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