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When you listen to Democrats and the mainstream media, you would think that all gun owners and supporters of the Second Amendment and the NRA are middle aged to older white males. However, they are dead wrong, perhaps poor choice of words, they are absolutely wrong with their stereotypical profiling.

A growing number of women are buying guns and obtaining concealed carry licenses for self-defense. There are still a number women who enjoy target shooting and hunting, even though the media says otherwise.

One high school student in Oregon is also breaking the stereotypical mold as she has decided to do an internship at a local firearms academy in order to fulfill her school’s requirement of a senior project.

A southern Oregon firearms school is helping a high school student with her senior project. Crater High School student Katrina Sherlock started her internship with Stoneridge Tactical Academy during its women’s handgun class. In order to graduate, every Crater High School senior must complete a senior project and with the gun control debate, Katrina Sherlock wants to make hers count beyond her last year in high school.

“My paper is about the mass shootings and the gender associated with mass shootings and gun prevention laws. How can we prevent mass shootings without restricting gun safety?” Intern Katrina Sherlock said. So, Sherlock asked the Stoneridge Tactical Academy for an internship opportunity and the academy said yes. After all this was not the first time it has had an intern from Crater High. Its founder said this is just one of the many ways it gives back to the community.

“An intern is a great program to be able to get high school kids understanding gun safety, understanding how to properly use a hand gun and a lot of it is taking away the curiosity involved in hand guns and firearms in general…

If more schools taught firearms courses, including firearms safety and firearms laws, I believe there would be fewer firearms accidental shootings. It would also help teach responsibility, something many schools fail to teach these days. The more a young person is taught about firearms and firearm safety, the safer America would be, but you’ll never convince liberals of this.





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