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Feminism has been giving nasty women an even higher sense of entitlement and it is absolutely unbelievable!

This Uber driver was smart to record this interaction with a “hood rat” in his car.

The women’s phone allegedly died and she started to flip out because he did not have a charger. When he asked her to either quiet down and stop freaking out or get out of his vehicle, she began to threatening him. She said she would call the cops and false accuse him of raping her and hitting her in the face, neither of which happens.

The driver gives her numerous opportunities to act like an adult, in order for him to  safely take her to the destination. However, she then starts threatening him, saying that he had something waiting for him when they got there.

This is when he stops and demands for her to exit the car, which she finally does, but only after trashing the back seat.

WARNING: Harsh Language, NSFW

This is the sad reality for many men in today’s society. Feminists want to say that men harass women (which does happen) but that women don’t ever do it to men, and that is false. It happens equally across the board. As you can see in the video above, this man has had to learn to video everything in order to protect himself because of this new breed of psycho women.



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