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This is a tough scenario. A retired police captain fired and killed a man in what he claims was self defense. However, from the details given, it does not sound like it warranted him using his weapon….but I also was not there and did not actually see what happened.

The retired officer cited the “stand your ground” law, which says, “a person has no duty to retreat and can use deadly force if he or she fears death or great bodily harm.” However, the judge has denied the use of it during this case.

A retired Florida police captain who shot and killed a man in a movie theater will face a second-degree murder charge.

Circuit Judge Susan Barthle rejected the argument that Curtis Reeves killed Chad Oulson in self-defense, the Tampa Bay Times reported.

Barthle’s order followed a two-week hearing that ended March 3. The defense  argued that Oulson attacked Reeves, a former Tampa police officer, throwing a cell phone and a bag of popcorn at him, after Reeves asked him to turn off his cell phone during movie previews.

Reeves and his wife, Vivian, attended the theater to view “Lone Survivor” in the Tampa suburb of Wesley Chapel on Jan. 13, 2014, and sat in the back row, directly behind Chad and Nicole Oulson, the Times reported.

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