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Florida’s politicians listened to the loudest whiners and the liberal media when they sat down and passed a massive gun control bill that accomplished many of the things being pushed by the anti-Democrats and mainstream media. The raised the minimum age for buy a gun, extended the waiting period for buying a rifle, implemented a provision to keep guns and ammo out of the hands of anyone deemed violent or a danger, even if it isn’t true or anyone who has even been admitted to a mental institution, regardless of the reason.

They also settled on a measure they hoped would placate conservatives like Donald Trump who want to train and arm teachers, but the way they did it, it doesn’t really arm classroom teachers.

(Great American Politics) – Nowhere in the United States are the emotions still running raw and overrunning logic and common sense, than in Florida. The angel memorials surrounded with flowers, candles, photos and tons of messages still bring many to tears. The images of 17 fresh graves pierce the hearts of thousands. The voices of students calling out for something to be done to keep them safe is broadcast on the news nearly every day. Some students and parents descended on the state capital in Tallahassee where they met with state lawmakers, demanding action on more gun control measures and the lawmakers responded to the emotional pleas instead of stepping back and looking at reason and logic, and like many actions based upon pure emotions, what came out of the Florida legislature is nothing more than a liberal gun control package that included one measure to appease conservatives, but that measure is a farce in the way it was gutted.

After a number of revisions and amendments, the Florida legislature passed SB 7062 also known as the Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School Public Safety Act and on Friday, Gov. Rick Scott, Florida’s Republican governor, succumbed to the liberal peer pressure and signed the bill into law…

What good does it to do to say you are going to train and arm teachers, except for classroom teachers? That excludes most of the teachers who would be on the scene in an active shooter situation. In the case of the Florida shooting, very few non-classroom teachers or faculty were in the building where the shooting took place, making them as effective as the deputy that stayed outside while students and teachers were being shot and killed.

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