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I was once asked what I would do if someone attacked me or someone in my family with an object that was not a gun. I responded that I would probably shoot them since they were attacking, regardless of what they had in their hand.

On one occasion, I was almost forced to do just that, when a car full of illegal aliens kept harassing me for nearly 20 miles on an Arizona highway. After every effort to distance myself from the illegals and when they appeared trying to run me off the road and over a cliff, I drew my handgun and pointed it at them. Had they continued to force me to the edge, I would have opened fire on them.

A man in Nashville was in his hotel room. When he opened the door to his hotel room, a man was standing there with an object in his hand, acting as if he was going to stab the man in the hotel room. The room occupant retrieved his legally permitted handgun and shot the attacker, who had tried to stab him with a fork.

A Tennessee valid carry permit holder shot his attacker after the suspect tried to gain entry and stab the gun owner in his hotel room.

According to arrest records, the gun owner and another individual arrived to the Suburban Lodge on Central Pike after church Sunday afternoon. They then entered the elevator along with 48-year-old James Grisham, who it turns out did not have a room at the hotel.

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The victims told police they exited the elevator and went towards their room while Grisham also exited and walked in the opposite direction…

As more Americans become legal gun owners and use those guns to defend themselves, it’s going to cause more and more would be criminals to think twice before attacking or trying to break into someone’s home. This attacker was lucky that he was only wounded in the arm as many gun owners are taught to shoot only if necessary and if necessary, shoot to kill. After all, a wounded person can still attack.




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