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SHOT 2017 has come and gone. Hopefully we did our duty in providing the best coverage we could put together to you, our readership. I certainly had an exhausting show, staying up many late nights, even unto first light, hustling USBs over to fellow writers to get material online, flying through Vegas traffic trying to get to the Sands on time, etc…

But, although we reported on a huge variety of products, I did notice some rising trends that subconsciously struck me throughout the show. Although this is only my personal opinion and all views are my own, I think a number of other SHOT attendees could verify some of these trends I noticed.


A number of other writers and attendees constantly were commenting on this fact. Springfield Armory banked on it with the Saint. The fact that so much of the industry tooled up, and a number of smaller AR companies increased production in preparation for a Hillary win was so obvious it was undeniable. AR15s are all over the market already because it is one of the fastest growing rifles in popularity in the United States, but to see the huge extent in person at SHOT just solidified the fact that much of the industry was actually prepping for another bad four years of firearms sales.

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