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It was estimated that over half of the fatalities of the American Civil War didn’t die from when they were shot, but from infections caused by some of the packing material and lubricants used in the rifles, most of which were muzzleloaders. It wasn’t uncommon to use animal fat, sometimes rancid, to lubricate the muzzle loading rifles. It wasn’t uncommon to find a grease stain surrounding a bullet’s entry wound.

The first cartridge bullet was patented around 1861, but didn’t come in to common production until the end of the Civil War. Reloading with a premade cartridge was so much faster than muzzle loading.

I can’t recall the last time I read about someone being murdered with a muzzleloader, but that’s not stopping the anti-gun group of former Rep. Gabby Giffords from calling for a ban of muzzleloaders anyway.

(Washington Free Beacon) – Former congresswoman Gabby Giffords’s gun control group released a report on Wednesday warning of the dangers of muzzle loading rifles, a number of other firearms, and some firearms accessories and calling for new gun control measures targeting the devices.

The group, which recently changed its name from Americans for Responsible Solutions to Giffords, said in a release its report was intended to identify “extremely lethal firearms and devices” that it believes skirt current firearms laws. “Giffords—the gun violence organization founded by former Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords and her husband, combat veteran and retired NASA astronaut, Captain Mark Kelly—are calling on Congress to update federal gun laws so these accessories can’t turn a firearm into a military-style weapon,” the group said in a statement.

The report includes nine examples of firearms or firearms products the group feels are a danger to society. The list includes certain kinds of ammunition, trigger devices that increase the rate of fire of a semi-automatic rifle, what the group describes as “high capacity shotguns,” AK and AR style pistols with stabilizing braces, and muzzleloaders. The group said the gun industry is attempting to circumvent the National Firearms Act (NFA) and other federal gun laws through the manufacture of each of the products…

Some people still like to hunt with muzzleloaders and they are also used for target shooting and historic reenactments, but I see absolutely no reason why they would want to ban muzzleloaders, if not just for the sake of working towards a total ban of all firearms. One thing you can be certain about and that is no mass shooter would use a muzzleloader for obvious reasons.




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