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Yesterday, we brought you the sad story that unfolded on Sunday in a Tennessee Church where a God-hating madman killed one and wounded several others.

One woman was killed and eight people, including the gunman, were injured in what officials are calling a “mass casualty” incident at a church in Antioch Sunday morning…

At least six people were injured in the shooting. Police spokesman Don Aaron also told media that another man then confronted the gunman and was pistol-whipped.

What we didn’t get to tell you is that the madness wasn’t ended by the arrival of the police, but by one of the victims themselves.

From Breitbart:

22–year-old Robert Engle–initially confronted Samson while unarmed and Samson was shot with his own gun during the physicality that followed. The Tennessean reports that after Samson was shot, Engle ran out to his car and retrieved his own firearm, then re-entered the church and held Samson at gunpoint for police.

Once again, the hero of one of these horrible situations is a “good guy with a gun,” and once again the media ignores the story because it doesn’t fit the narrative that they want to push.

Matt Walsh explains more at the Blaze:

Most likely, though, you didn’t hear much about this story. I wasn’t aware of it myself until this morning. That’s because a terrorist attack at a church, which was cut short due to the incredible heroism of an usher, is a minor and insignificant event compared to political demonstrations of millionaire football players, according to the media and a large portion of our society.

I’m embarrassed on behalf of all of America. Consider how the members of this church must feel. First their place of worship is attacked by a terrorist, and then they look around and see that nobody really cares. We’re all too busy arguing about the correct physical positioning for football players during the National Anthem. I’m sure media coverage is the least of their worries at the moment, but it’s still shameful. There is no excuse for putting these stupid NFL antics on the front page and burying a story that by any rational measure is approximately one billion times more relevant and important.

Of course, I realize that the media has additional motivations here. Not only is the NFL story sexier and more watchable, but it’s also vastly more politically convenient. The church shooting does no favors to the liberal narrative, so it must be ignored. The shooter was black. He’s a Sudanese immigrant. He killed a white woman. He was stopped by a good guy with a gun. If the races were switched and you removed the pesky pro-Second Amendment element of the story, perhaps it may have fighting chance to compete with choreographed protests in professional sports for airtime. But the details being what they are, the outcome was predetermined. This was destined to be buried. The NFL distraction just made it that much easier.

He’s right and that’s a sad commentary on our national media.

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