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One of my favorite things to tell people who oppose guns is that “good guys with guns stop bad guys with guns.” Once again, that has been proven true. This time at a sports bar in Arlington, Texas.

On Wednesday night, a good guy with a gun shot and killed an active shooter at Zona Caliente Sports Bar. The unidentified concealed carry permit holder took things into his own hands when the shooter, James Jones, shot and killed the bar manager, Cesar Perez, after an argument.

WFAA reports, “A man opened fire at the Zona Caliente Sports Bar… but police say a customer with a gun of his own put a stop to it.”

Breitbart reports:

The unidentified permit holder had to come down from “the other end of the bar” to intervene and stop Jones. Arlington Police Department Lt. Christopher Cook said, “[The concealed permit holder] made the decision to engage the shooter, fearing there would be other loss of life.”

Police do not yet have a motive in the shooting of Perez, but they have made clear that the concealed permit holder will face no charges for the actions he took to be sure no other innocents were harmed.

In addition to the gun that Perez was firing, he also had a several other weapons on him, including anther pistol, and two knives. The unlicensed shooter has also scratched off the serial number on his second pistol.

Lieutenant Chris Cook said, “He definitely had the capacity, if he wanted, to commit further violence and potentially kill other patrons in the business.”

If the good samaritan gun owner had not been there, then there very well may have been many more deaths. I wonder what “Moms Against Guns” would have had to say about that! Perhaps they can finally admit that guns are not a terrible thing when they are in the hands of good guys!

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