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If neo-com Democrats truly wanted to save lives, they would take action against the things that injure and kill far more people than guns do. I’m talking about vehicles, tobacco and alcohol, all three are far more dangerous to the American people than guns. Tobacco alone kills many times more people than guns do and it is responsible for billions of dollars in medical costs.

And if neo-com Democrats truly wanted to save lives and reduce the number of mass shooting victims like those in Las Vegas and Sutherland Springs, then they would learn from the facts that in area where more good people carry firearms there are fewer gun deaths and injuries. The areas with the highest gun violence are the gun free and strict gun control places.

(Newsmax) – As the outrage, sadness and shock of the Las Vegas and Sutherland Springs Baptist Church shootings fade, we find ourselves back in a spot where a familiar political and cultural battle has been occurring.

On one side you have the anti-gun crowd, Democrats primarily, supported by an overwhelming majority of mainstream news people.

The opposing side gives us the Second Amendment/pro-gun community, Republicans primarily, supported by the NRA and, besides Fox News, only a handful of conservative websites and bloggers like me.

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In my humble opinion, this debate goes back to religion, or rather the start of the removal of it from society. Yes, I know it’s a heated-enough discussion when debating gun rights, and that bringing God into it will only add fuel to the fire…

Anti-gun neo-coms are pushing a complete gun ban like the one in Australia over 20 years ago and the one in the United Kingdom. While they may not have as many mass shootings, the United Kingdom has seen an increase in gun crimes this year of 27% and after guns were banned down under, a number of crimes skyrocketed, including home invasions, which were rare before the gun ban.




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