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Four years ago, Gov. Mary Fallin of Oklahoma, ran for re-election. During that campaign, she promised that she would sign a constitutional carry bill into law if she was re-elected. Last week, Fallin had the opportunity to keep her promise when the legislature passed a constitutional carry bill and sent it to her desk.

However, Fallin shocked many of her supporters when she announced that she would NOT sign the bill into. She claimed that the state’s current gun laws are sufficient but one has to wonder if she did it for economic reasons as the state would lose the revenue generated by the permit application process?

(Great American Politics) – Mary Fallin is the Governor of Oklahoma. She is a Republican who has held the office since January 2011. She claims to be a strong supporter of the Second Amendment and gun rights of the American people but her latest action says otherwise. Perhaps, her past life as a Democrat, prior to 1978 is catching up with her?

Fallin obtained her first elected office at the age or 36, becoming a Representative in the Oklahoma legislature in 1990. In January 1995, she became the state’s Lieutenant Governor and held that position until winning a seat in the US House in the 2006 election. After four years in the US House, Fallin ran for governor of Oklahoma and won.

Fallin has taken strong conservative stands on issues such as allowing lethal injection as the form of execution for felons sentenced to death and she has supported the displaying of a Ten Commandments monument on the grounds of the state capitol in Oklahoma City. She has also taken a strong stand against abortion signing 20 anti-abortion bills into law during her terms in office and she has been criticized for ending the spousal benefits for same-sex partners of state-owned National Guard facilities…

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Fortunately for Oklahoma voters, who are mostly Second Amendment supporting conservative Republicans, Fallin is not eligible to run for re-election this year due to term limits. That means her position will be wide open and hopefully, Oklahoma voters will elect a new Republican governor who will sign such a bill into law.




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