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What on earth? The whole point of the 2nd amendment is to be able to bear arms in order to protect ourselves. So why are victims of domestic violence being denied that right?

Daily Wire:

On Friday, Democratic Virginia Governor Terry McAuliffe vetoed a bill which would allow domestic abuse victims to arm themselves for up to 45 days without a permit after issuing a protective order against their abuser. House Bill 1852 “would then give anyone with an active order an additional 45 days to carry concealed should they apply for a permanent concealed-handgun permit, which can take up to 45 days to process. The person with the protective order would be required to show police the order or permit application and photo ID if stopped,” notes The Washington Free Beacon. 

The bill’s intent is to protect victims of abuse in the most critical of times; it would only apply to those over the age of 21.

The Virginia governor defended his veto by arguing that allowing victims access to firearms in order to protect themselves from their abusers would only make the situation “less safe.”

“The bill perpetuates the dangerous fiction that the victims of domestic violence will be safer by arming themselves,” McAuliffe told the Beacon. “It would inject firearms into a volatile domestic violence situation, making that situation less safe, not more.”

This is madness!

“Van Cleave said the first 48 hours after a protective order is issued are the most crucial time for a potential victim to be armed.”

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