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I know that many criminals are dumber than a bucket of mud, or as a friend of mine once said, dumber than a group of Democrats, but the gun control lesson shown on an episode of the popular television show Grey’s Anatomy goes beyond dumb, to the point of being ridiculous – or does it?

I’ve never cared to watch the program due to many of their overt messages on social issues, all of which are from an extremely Democratic perspective, but saw this report on one episode where a woman got shot. It wasn’t the fact that she got shot, but how she got shot is the real issue.

Supposedly, a girl goes to visit her boyfriend in jail and collapses and then is rushed to the hospital emergency room. While in the emergency room, a gun goes off and not only hits the girl but a man in the next bed. The doctor notices there is only an exit wound, no entrance room and that’s when things went beyond the normal.

What did I just watch? I mean, I know I just watched the November 2 episode of Grey’s Anatomy, “Come on Down to My Boat, Baby,” but, in the larger sense, what did I just watch? It is truly amazing to me that this show is still on the air and, after this episode, I’m convinced that the only ratings it has are the people who watch it just to see what kind of insanity show creator Shonda Rhimes has in store for us each week. Certainly it’s not because anyone needed to be taught this week’s lesson – don’t carry a loaded gun in your vagina.

18-year-old Danielle enters the emergency room of Seattle Grace Hospital because she passed out while going to visit her boyfriend in jail and now has abdominal pain as well. Upon examining her, her doctors think that a pregnancy is something to consider. After all, she’s an otherwise healthy young woman who fainted. That’s a reasonable assumption. Occam’s Razor pretty much ensures that her doctors didn’t consider the actual cause of her ailment. I’ll be honest. It certainly didn’t occur to me. It occurred to Shonda, though, and that woman has built a television empire…

I know that people try to smuggle drugs and other things into jail to people, but when you think about this episode, what woman in her right mind would put a loaded gun in her vagina? The gun they hold up in the show should have been extremely uncomfortable and even painful hidden there, but that’s not going to stop such a liberal show.



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