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The mainstream media is so liberal and anti-everything good about America, that they have become the unwitting suckers of gun control advocates. They blindly repeat and print the same old rhetoric used time and again by gun control advocates, even though that rhetoric has been proven to be false lies and not supported by the facts. Nevertheless, the mainstream media continues to keep the ‘fake news’ supporting gun control, alive.

Time-after-time, the New York Times and other publications have repeated the same false claim that concealed handgun permit holders are dangerous.

This claim will continue to be made as debate heats up over reciprocity, which would allow concealed handgun permits to be used across states like driver’s licenses.

With 192 co-sponsors lined up for the reciprocity bill in the House and 36 in the Senate, Democrats are already threatening a filibuster.

The Violence Policy Center (VPC), the source of these claims, asserts that in the 10 years from May 2007 to April 2017, U.S. concealed handgun permit holders were responsible for 969 nonself-defense gun deaths (with any type of weapon, not just handguns)…

And to think that the very same mainstream media continues to accuse conservatives of ‘fake news’ just for reporting the truth that they don’t want the public to hear. It’s okay for them to push ‘fake news’ over and over, but it’s not okay with them for others to share the truth of what is really happening in today’s America. Such is the case of the liberal ‘sucker’ mainstream media hypocrisy.



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