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Last week, America was horrified when another teenager acted on the lessons he has been taught for years, when he acted like a ruthless animal savaging killing other animals the same way a diseased mountain savagely slaughters a bunch of sheep for no apparent reason.

Once again, the gun control advocates are using the tragedy to push for more gun control, saying the shooting proves we need more gun control.

When someone pointed out that strict gun control laws didn’t stop the recent mass shooting in Australia, causing gun control advocates to say it has nothing to do with the argument of gun control.

(Vox) – A mass shooting near Margaret River, Australia, in the small village of Osmington, left a family of seven, including four children, dead. It’s the worst mass shooting in Australia since 1996, when a gunman in Port Arthur killed 35 people and wounded 23 others at a cafe.

Police found the family dead of gunshot wounds on Friday. Police have not confirmed whether the shooting was a murder-suicide, according to the Associated Press, but the authorities are not looking for a suspect.

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The shooting has drawn attention in the US because Australia is often touted in America as a success story for gun control. Conservatives on social media quickly pointed to the mass shooting as evidence gun control does not work.

In an article for the Washington Examiner headlined “Despite gun control, Australia suffers worst mass shooting since 1996,” Siraj Hashmi wrote that “while some data suggest that super-strict gun control has cut down on gun violence and gun-related deaths in some cases, there’s still no guarantee that you’re safe.” …

It’s interesting how gun control activists use a mass shooting as proof that we need more gun control. They point to Australia’s gun ban and strict gun control laws as examples to follow. Then when a mass shooting is reported in Australia they try to say that it proves nothing about gun control and has no bearing on their current gun control argument here in the US. Talk about blind hypocrisy!




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