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Private ownership of most guns has been banned throughout the United Kingdom for a number of years. Every few years, the United Kingdom has a gun amnesty program where they encourage citizens to turn in their illegal guns, which includes replicas and even BB and pellet guns. The last gun amnesty was in 2014 where over 6,000 guns were turned over to authorities.

So far this year, the United Kingdom has seen a 27% increase in crimes involving guns, even though private ownership is banned. Consequently, United Kingdom officials are conducting another gun amnesty where they are hoping to see thousands more illegal guns to be turned in.

Britons are being urged to hand over illegal firearms during a two-week gun amnesty.

Anybody taking guns and ammunition to police stations across the UK over the next fortnight will not face automatic criminal charges, but will if they are later connected to a crime.

The National Gun Surrender started on Monday and will run until 26 November.

Air guns, rifles, BB guns, shotguns and pistols, including antiques and ex-military, are among the weapons police said should be handed in.

The amnesty comes less than a month after national figures revealed the number of crimes involving firearms in England and Wales increased by 27% to 6,696 in the year ending June 2017…

Anti-gun neo-com Democrats are pointing to countries that have banned guns, as examples for the United States. Yet, when Australia banned guns 20-years ago, many crimes skyrocketed because citizens were no longer able to defend themselves. Most of Australia never had a legal classification of home invasions until after guns were banned and home invasions spiked. Now we see that gun related crimes in another gun free nation have jumped.



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