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There is a growing group of people in the United States that have lost most of their sense of reason because they have been so blinded by their warped anti-American ideology. They are no longer capable of understanding common sense logic and this describes the part of our society that believes gun free zones will somehow make them and you safer. They fail to see that gun free zones are open season targets for criminals and wackos and that they are more dangerous than gun friendly places.

In that sense, it should not be that surprising to see that a Waffle House restaurant in Tennessee was the scene of another mass shooting that left 4 dead and several wounded.

(Great American Politics) – When will people learn that gun free zones are more far more dangerous than gun friendly zones. Instead of placing no guns allowed signs on their doors, they might a well put a target on their front doors because that is how many see gun free zones.

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The owners and management of Waffle House have yet to learn their lesson after another one of their restaurants are targeted. At least 5 years ago, Waffle House established all of their restaurants to gun free zones. People with concealed carry permits and weapons are to leave their guns at home or in their vehicles, as they are not allowed inside their establishments. Only law enforcement officers are allowed to carry their weapons into a Waffle House but even that has not always in the been the case.

In 2014, Texas Public Safety Trooper Jeff Evans entered a Waffle House in Grapevine, Texas, only to be yelled at by the manager to leave because of his gun. Evans tried to explain that he was an on duty DPS trooper, but the manager would not listen and continued to tell Evans to leave.

In 2016, three Waffle House restaurants in Georgia were robbed by armed gunmen within a 24-hour period. The gunmen knew the restaurant chain was a gun free company which meant they knew they would not meet any armed resistance, making them an easy target…

All one has to do is look at mass shootings and it becomes readily apparent that the vast majority of them happened in gun free locations. The same is true with armed robberies. When Target stores declared that they were gun free, several of their stores were robbed at gun point in the first few weeks of the policy. The best defense has always been a strong offense. That’s why we have a strong military. That’s why bodyguards and police are armed. The best way to thwart mass shooters and armed robbers is to have people with guns that will confront them.




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