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2017 saw gun sales plummet. The three previous years were record years for gun sales as many Americans feared the passage of numerous gun control laws by the Democrats and the fear of Obama using his executive powers to create anti-gun laws.

After Donald Trump won the election and Republicans maintained control of Congress, fear of gun control laws dropped and so did gun sales, sending some firearm companies to seek bankruptcy protection.

This year, with the increase of school shootings, the fear of gun control laws is once again spreading, resulting in the highest number of gun sales for the month of May.

(Washington Free Beacon) – The number of gun-related background checks reached an all-time high once again in May, a report posted by the Federal Bureau of Investigation on Monday shows.

In May 2018, the FBI processed 2,002,992 queries through the National Instant Criminal Background Check System (NICS). That’s more than any previous May in the system’s history with May 2017 holding the previous record at 1,942,677. April 2018 saw more NICS checks than any previous April. March 2018 saw more NICS checks than any previous March.

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NICS checks are considered the strongest indicator for gun sales because every gun sale made through a licensed dealer requires a NICS check and some states require the checks on used gun sales between private individuals. However, the number of NICS checks does not exactly match the number of guns sold in the United States for a number of reasons. Multiple guns can be sold during a single NICS check, most states do not require NICS checks on used sales between private individuals, and many states run NICS checks on those applying for gun-carry permits…

Think about Democrats. They want to make more laws with which to convict more law-abiding America citizens while passing laws to give convicted felons the right vote and to decriminalize a number of drug crimes. It’s obvious they care more about criminals than they do about law-abiding citizens.




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