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The American Rifleman has a really interesting story up this week about an important piece of firearms history.

The story is about H & K’s MP5K, which sees their iconic MP5 snugly inserted into a briefcase for easy carrying and concealment. However, if any of you have ever read a spy novel or seen a spy movie (particularly one from the Cold War era 70’s and 80’s) you may already know that the briefcase carrying the MP5 wasn’t just about carrying the firearm.

It was also about quick-response self-defense.

The H & K MP5K was specially designed to allow the person carrying the case to shoot the gun, while it was still locked safely inside.

The Heckler & Koch MP5K, concealed inside of a briefcase, sometimes called an “Operational Briefcase.” But it wasn’t just concealed inside a briefcase, a nifty trick for any submachine gun. No, this gun could actually be fired from inside the briefcase. Germans, Especially West Germans back in the day, are nothing if not clever. The idea behind this gun was to have a bodyguard carrying what appears to be just a regular briefcase. But if you look closely at that briefcase, there’s a hole on one side and there are a couple of buttons on the handle. One of those buttons is a safety. And the thing that looks like a trigger inside the handle? Yep, that’s the trigger.

from the American Rifleman

Read the full story at the American Rifleman and learn about an interesting and quirky part of firearm history and the fight against terrorism.

Here’s Colion Noir shooting the H & K MP5 on full auto and suppressed, for those of you wishing you got the perks of the job that an NRA spokesperson gets.

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