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I have a mat outside the door on my house that says, “Warning: There is nothing here worth dying over.” If an intruder comes into my home, they will meet my two large shepherds and a Smith & Wesson. Which one will take them down first? To be determined.

I think that is about how this homeowner felt when two masked men broke into his home, because he wasn’t going down without a fight.

WSBTV reports:

Deputies say Justin Pruitt, 29, is one of two masked men who broke into a home near Old Mill Road early Tuesday morning and shot at a homeowner.

Police said the homeowner fired back, but it is unclear whether either masked man was injured.

Investigators said several items were taken from the home.

Pruitt has been arrested before, but detectives did not disclose how they linked him to Tuesday’s home invasion.

Police are working to find Pruitt and identify and find the other burglar.

One of the bullets from the shootout went through a 3-year-old’s window. Here is what the mother had to say:


Always make sure you are packing, because you never know when it may end up saving your life.

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