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Praise the Lord for the Great State of Texas!

A new Texas law will rescind previous prohibitions on carrying blades of more than 5 1/2 inches in length. After September 1st, people over the age of 18 will be legally allowed to carry these long blades in public. So, if you like carrying that long bowie knife in a scabbard on your hip… go for it. If you enjoy carrying your long sword draped across your back, feel free.

While this may seem a bit dangerous for the uninitiated, the reality is that these blades have all been legal in Texas for a very long time, but people would get in trouble when they tried to carry their legal knives around.

A.J. Postell from LoneStar Gun Rights explains“What this law does is it gets rid of all that grey area and simplifies the law. The way the law currently is is that any knife with a blade length over 5 ½  inches is prohibited, so with the new law, it basically takes all that prohibited language off the books thus allowing knives over 5 ½  inches of blade length, also daggers, double-edged knives, dirks, even swords will soon come legal September 1,” Postell explained.

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Previously, many Texans would run afoul of the law when they tried to carry their knives out in public. Again Postell explains, “We were seeing a lot of Texans get in trouble for the mere possession of something that they were legally allowed to own and to buy, but they were getting in trouble for possessing that item.”

Not everyone in Texas is happy about the change in the law, but Postell adds that private businesses are free to create their own policies, “If someone goes into a business and the business owner or an employee is not comfortable with what they’re carrying, they can ask them to leave or ask them to go place it in their vehicle and, again, law abiding people are going to do that.” 

There are a few other places that Texans still can’t carry their long blades into like; bars, schools, churches, airports, government buildings, hospitals, correctional facilities, sporting events and polling locations. If you’re in Texas and you’re going to the bar for a few drinks with your pals, please leave that broadsword at home.


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