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Europe is experiencing an epidemic as more and more illegal immigrants have begun to flood into the country. Every time an effort is made to curb the flow, they find a way around it. The newest trend: entering the country by way of luxury yacht.

There are currently THOUSANDS of illegal aliens from both the Middle East and Asia that are paying to be smuggled into Europe. It has been reported that Ukrainian traffickers are the ones behind the scheme, which is believed to be making multi-millions.

It is interesting actually because these illegal immigrants are paying $7,000 to ensure their seat for illegal entry…..if they are spending seven grand per person to do something illegally, it leads me to believe that they could just as easily begin the legal process and do things the right way.

Heatstreet reports:

The immigrants usually begin their journey in Izmir, western Turkey, where they board yachts normally used by tourists. The vessels then head for Malta or Sicily in a journey lasting 3-4 days.

The numbers arriving by yacht are relatively small but confirm an extraordinary desire by immigrants to get to Europe in what is widely regarded as a crisis for the continent.

According to figures from the Italian authorities and European border agency Frontex, eight Ukrainian people-smugglers have been arrested in Sicily in the past month after their yachts were intercepted by the Italian coastguard. Six others were arrested in Malta and Crete. Each vessel had been carrying about 30 immigrants from countries including Syria, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Somalia and Iraq.

“This is an important new route from Turkey,” said Carlo Parini, head of Gicic, an Italian government taskforce that combats human trafficking in Sicily, where 10,000 migrants have already arrived this year.

Parini said: “It is a very well developed smuggling operation. But we know their routes, we know the ways they work. We are very good at catching them.”

I guess people will always be willing to do things the easy or lazy way rather than the right way. When will they realize that if they did things the right way the first time, then they wouldn’t have to break the law or risk being deported??

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