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First and foremost, Americans need to be safe.  All of the political hullabaloo can be sorted out after we make sure that no more school kids, churchgoers, or innocent bystanders get slaughtered.

The left is undoubtedly going to be back to their regularly scheduled schtick, pushing for wholesale repeal of the Second Amendment and, when failing, attempting to whittle away what little oppression they can achieve.  Bump stocks already look to be on the chopping block, but, surely, the big prize here is the “assault rifle”.

That’s why one church service in Pennsylvania is grabbing headlines around the country.

“As detailed by previously, the World Peace and Unification Sanctuary Church in Newfoundland planned its event not to bless the firearms themselves but rather to allow attending couples to rededicate their marriages to each other. The gun, seen as the ‘rod of iron’ in the Book of Revelations by church leaders, is cited as a symbol that shows ‘both the intent and the ability’ to defend ones’ family, community, and nation. In all, several hundred attended, with rifles in tow.

“’The “rod of iron” allows not only strong men, but also women and the elderly to have the ability to protect themselves and others from such predators,’ said the church in a statement Wednesday.”

Just how incredible a scene was this armed congregation, worshiping without fear while triggers twits picketed outside?

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See for yourself:

A “tool of peace” has a much more accurate ring to it than “assault” rifle, or whatever the left is peddling the AR-15 as these days.

Despite weeks of opportunity to come to their senses, the liberal left has refused to truly acknowledge the scope of the Parkland, Florida school shooting of Valentine’s Day, which has been the impetus for a number of these sort of demonstrations around the nation.

In that incident, severely mentally ill 19 year old Nikolas Cruz murdered 17 of his former classmates at the behest of “demon voices” that the confessed killer heard within his own head.

Somehow, the democrats believe that Cruz’s act was a precursor to a full disarmament of the American people, and not a serious, and oft repeated cry for help from the mental illness community.


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