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Face it, our culture has become one filled with rampant crime including home intrusions and personal attacks. Never since the days of America’s wild and untamed frontiers has there been such a need for protection. Never since those wild days has so many people been trying to restrict the ability of people to purchase or own a firearm with which to protect themselves.

Every day we hear of someone being attacked in their homes, on the sidewalk, on the street, in their cars, while shopping, at school and at work and this is why more people are applying for the right to carry a gun to protect themselves with. Many people are buying a handgun for the very first time, but there are important things to consider before buying.

( – Now is a great time to buy a handgun. Many firearm companies are experiencing drops in sales due to the pro-gun administration of President Donald Trump. Consequently, many of them are running sales on handguns, rifles, shotguns, accessories and ammunition.

While sales are down, applications for concealed carry permits are up in many locations, indicating that more people are taking their self-protection into their own hands so they don’t wind up as a statistic. Personally, I highly encourage everyone to own a handgun and obtain a concealed carry permit where required, but there are somethings to consider before you just rush out and buy a handgun.

Here are some tips to consider:

  1. Shop around and find a handgun that feels right in your hand. Not every handgun fits every hand. A person with small hands will find it difficult or awkward to wield a big handgun and people with large hands can have equal problems with a handgun that is too small. Think of the handgun as an article of clothing. It’s not just the look, but how it fits is important…

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The last thing a law-abiding person wants to happen is to land in jail after bring convicted of a weapons felony, which could not only prevent them from ever buying or possessing a gun ever again, it would impact their jobs and many aspects of their future. Take time to learn what you are about to do before it’s too late.




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