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Gun control in America comes in an incredible range of shapes and sizes, including nano-local ordinances that were once designed to keep Americans safe.  Now, some of these outdated laws have achieved the opposite.

American criminals are sprouting up around the country at an alarming number, as society continues to flirt with the legality of several previously frowned upon activities.

For instance, as marijuana becomes legal in an increasing number of states, those of us who grew up at the mercy of Nancy Reagan’s “Just Say No” campaign are finding themselves at a crossroads.  We were led to believe that any and all drug use was “bad”, and that marijuana users were degenerate and filthy seedlings of the criminal underbelly of the nation.

As it turns out, marijuana will be America’s next cash crop, and the advent of legal recreational pot on the west coast is leading to a second gold rush of sorts.  (Not to mention the new litany of studies declaring weed a far safer recreational drug than alcohol and a completely useful medicine).

Spawned from the same sense of “laws equal order” mentality was the concept of “gun free zones”, particularly at churches, hospitals, and schools – basically, all of the locations that were considered “off limits” during traditional warfare.  These designations certainly felt like a common sense move for the left when they were first introduced, given that the nation was very much still a place of law-abiding citizens.

The advent of terror, however, has made this signage obsolete.

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Not only are terrorists going to ignore the routine designations, but the mere presence of terror in our society has forever changed the way criminality blossoms in an individual, and gone are the days of worry over legal hurdles such as “zero tolerance” zones.

Simply put, evil doers will not be deterred by these “gun free zones”, leaving the law abiding Americans within their confines sitting ducks.

One church in Indiana has a better idea.

“A church in Indiana announced they have deployed an armed team of security guards to stand watch during services following last month’s mass shooting at a Texas church.

“Scott Kern, the director of ministries at Park Chapel Christian Church in Greenfield, Ind., said the security team would be made up of 10 local officers who were also members of the church, FOX59 reported.

“Kern said the officers would be dressed in casual clothing but have weapons on them during services. Another 10 people would be guarding the church’s entrances and doors but would not be armed.”

This adjustment will certainly have the people of Park Chapel a little more at ease during their worship services, and will hopefully pave the way for other congregations to consider adding similar security measures of their own.


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