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In January, an 18-year-old man was shot on the grounds of the Indiana Statehouse. Prior to the shooting, only legislators with valid state concealed carry permits were allowed to carry a firearm, but the January shooting prompted lawmakers to pass a bill expanding the right to carry to a number of certain staff and employees. Gov. Holcomb signs the bill into law, which now allows permanent employees of the General Assembly along with employees of the Legislative Services Agency to legally carry a concealed weapon on the capital grounds and buildings.

For those employees with concealed carry permits, they began receiving firearms safety training this week.

State employees who are now allowed to carry firearms on the Statehouse grounds will undergo their first training session today.

In April, Gov. Eric Holcomb signed into law legislation allowing certain employees to carry a handgun.

Senate Enrolled Act 43 allows professional staff who are permanent employees of the General Assembly and staff of the Legislative Services Agency, among others, to carry a handgun in the Capitol and the surrounding state complex. They must possess a valid Indiana license to carry a handgun.

Prior to the new law, only legislators could carry handguns…

Many a shooting and crime has been stopped by someone carrying a concealed carry weapon. One woman used her legally permitted handgun to stop a church shooting several years ago, saving a number of lives. Others have used their concealed carry weapons to stop knife attacks and even to ward off robbers or others who threatened them. After this week’s mass shooting in Texas, State Attorney General said the answer isn’t more gun control but the need to arm more people. Amen.



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