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As a parent or grandparents, how safe do you feel while transporting your kids or grandkids to and from school?

If you are a concealed carry permit holder and carry a firearm most of the time, what do you do when transporting your kids or grandkids to and from school? Are you force to leave your guns at home because it’s not allowed on school property, not even in the parking lot?

The Iowa Senate Judiciary Committee voted to allow valid concealed carry permit holders to have their gun with them while transporting kids to and from school. The measure now goes to the full Senate before being sent on to the state House.

(Sioux City Journal) – The Senate Judiciary Committee voted Wednesday to allow Iowans who have a valid non-professional firearms permit to carry their weapon onto school grounds when transporting a student to and from school.

“This is good legislation,” said Sen. Jason Schultz, R-Schleswig, noting that Senate File 2086 will protect Iowans from unintentionally violating current law that bars the practice.

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The committee agreed to expand the language beyond students to include transporting a spouse, staff member, materials or equipment onto school grounds and parking areas but the bill would not allow for taking a weapon into a school building.

“This is narrow and it’s a good piece of policy that should impact Iowans’ lives in a positive manner,” Schultz noted…

This proves that there are at least some politicians who understand that the best defense and protection of students is to allow law-abiding, legally permitted people to carry their firearms with them. In case of a school shooting, they could be the first responders who save the lives of countless students, including their own kids.




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