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There were SIX threatening letters sent to residents living in Knoxville, Tennessee, who were black. One of the letters read: “I am a very racist white man and with Mr. Trump in the White House being the President, white people going to take over the world.”

One one read: “I wrote this letter (racial slur) … I hate (expletive, racial slur). I’m coming to your house to rape you. I’m going to get a chainsaw and cut your legs off and then cut your head off, black nasty (slur).”

They were all very nasty, explicit letters and definitely do not represent Trump supporters as a whole. The person who wrote the letters claimed to be a Trump supporter and also a member of the KKK.

However, neither of those were true! The letters, which were written to sounds like they were from a racist white person, were actually written and sent by Justin Lamar Coleman, a black man who supposedly has a psychological disorder. Judging by the gory details of the letters, I would say that this is probably not far from the truth.

Daily Wire:

His inspiration for this letter-writing campaign stems from a seven-year-old personal feud with Jack McCowan, who runs a local body shop.

After Trump humiliated the national media by winning the 2016 presidential election, the media went all-in on a campaign to prove that Trump’s victory had emboldened his racist supporters across the country to commit a series of hate crimes. The only problem is that like the above incident in Tennessee, most of these hate-crimes turned out to be hoaxes, or just plain old lies perpetrated by Trump-haters as a means to make the President and his supporters look bad.

Here are several examples of “hate crimes” that were done in the name of Trump and white racists, that NEVER actually happened.

The Muslim woman robbed of her hijab in Louisiana? Never happened.

The black woman racially-harassed at a Philadelphia gas station? Never happened.

The Asian student racially-taunted in Minnesota? Never happened.

The bisexual student receiving hate-notes in Chicago? Never happened.

The black church burned to the grown and defaced with “Vote Trump!” Committed by a black man.

Asian store firebombed by a white Trump supporter? Committed by a black man.

Michigan student told to remove her hijab or be lit on fire? Never happened.

Racist note left for Hispanic students in North Carolina? Written by a Trump-hating Hispanic.

Donald Trump is not a racist, and he is not inspiring white people to be hateful and racist. No matter how many times these hoaxes come out, they will always be debunked because the truth always comes out.


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