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Radical Islamic terror groups such as ISIS are planning a blitzkrieg of attacks in the coming weeks to coincide with the Christian holiday season.

The caliphate organizations have long been engaged in a holy war, or jihad, against western civilization and religion, targeting Christians specifically over the course of their existence.  Earlier this year, the terror group made sure that this was well known by announcing to their followers that they should be targeting “worshippers of the Cross” specifically, flying in the face of the previous notion that radical Islam was targeting western culture, not religion.

Now, with Christmas fast approaching, terror is on the menu once again as ISIS implores its network of ne’er do wells to specifically target followers of the Christian faith, and, specifically, the Vatican.

“A pro-ISIS media group continued its online verbal jihad against the Vatican and Christmas today with a threat accompanied by an image of a jihadist and a wolf overlooking St. Peter’s Square.

“On Tuesday, the Wafa’ Media Foundation released an image of smoke rising from Rome with a fighter jet overhead and a jihadist standing next to the sort of makeshift armored vehicle ISIS uses for suicide bombings in Iraq and Syria. ‘The date is approaching o worshippers of the cross,’ states the message on the image.

“The ISIS magazine Rumiyah — or Rome, reflecting the group’s apocalyptic vision and ultimate plans to sack the Vatican — hasn’t published a new issue since September. Their early e-book detailing the Rome conquest strategy predicted mob bosses would put up tough resistance: ‘There is no doubt that if Muslims want to take over Italy, the Islamic State European fighters will have to ally with other militias to fight the Mafia before the conquest of Rome.'”

ISIS has been emboldened in Europe over the course of the last few months as the Syrian refugee crisis has allowed caliphate fighters to move about the continent with relative ease.

While much of the leftist political spectrum is still refusing to acknowledge the true threat that ISIS represents, (largely due to their unwillingness to admit that this is a religious battle), realists throughout the globe are quickly realizing just how dangerous the radicalization of the entire Muslim religion has become.

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