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Aren’t gun control laws supposed to help prevent criminals and those deemed too dangerous or threat to others, from obtaining firearms?

So, what happens when more and stricter gun control laws are passed? Simple, if you’re a criminal. You steal guns from homes and cars or you make your own, or find someone who can make them for you. These homemade guns are called ghost guns because they have no serial number with which to trace them.

And this is exactly what some criminals are doing, making their own guns as police in Los Angeles discovered.

(Los Angeles Times) – A small arsenal of weapons that authorities seized from gang members during a six-month undercover operation lay across the tables at LAPD’s Hollywood station Thursday.

It’s not unusual for the Los Angeles Police Department and the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives to grab high-power weapons during these types of sweeps.

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But these AR-15-style semiautomatic rifles and pistols were different — homemade, untraceable “ghost guns” without the traditional serial numbers, built from parts purchased over the internet.

Authorities said they are seeing more gangs turn to homemade guns as it becomes more difficult to acquire real ones…

This report only proves that gun control laws really have little to no impact on criminals. Considering the fact that most gun violence is carried out by those who are not supposed to have a gun, then the only logical conclusion is that more gun control laws are somehow meant for criminals, as if for some magical reason they suddenly begin obeying the law. No, gun control laws only really impact law-abiding citizens and often prevents them from being able to legally defend themselves from the victim of the criminals with the guns.




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