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Mexico is a country with beautiful beaches and beautiful people. There is definitely a business for tourism with their different resorts and clear watered beaches.

However, there is still crime and cartels in the latin country. Authorities claim that at least 26 people were killed when there was a clash between armed groups in northern Mexico.

Fox News reports:

Chihuahua state prosecutors’ spokesman Felix Gonzalez says members the La Linea gang and a faction of the Sinaloa cartel were involved in the incident.

Gonzalez tells Milenio television that the gunfight occurred early Wednesday morning in the town of Las Varas, about 185 miles northwest of the state capital. He says investigators were still at the remote scene.

Mexico is experiencing its highest murder total in at least 20 years as splintered drug cartels battle for territory.

Mexican police are no joke either. I was recently in Mexico and we went into town to do some shopping. We saw the police literally sit in the back of pick-up trucks with guns and drive around to protect the area from cartels. It’s insane!

If you ever visit the country, do not venture out on your own and do not leave the tourist areas. If you do, you might not make it back.

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