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For years conservative activists have tried to explain to liberals why government databases of citizens are almost always a bad idea, and for years liberals have argued that conservatives were being paranoid.

After the Trump administration’s decision to end DACA on Tuesday, liberals are finally realizing that maybe conservatives weren’t being paranoid at all… they were being prudent.

One of the long-preferred gun control safety measures that the left has been clamoring for years was a local, state, and national gun registry. Liberals have long argued that every gun in America should be registered with the government “just in case” they are used in a crime. However, conservative 2nd Amendment supporters have replied that such a list is not only unconstitutional, it could in fact be used by the government for nefarious purposes. We are not without precedent on this matter. In Russia, China, Cuba, and other nations have all begun their gun confiscation programs with a registration. Once the registration is complete, the government has simply rounded up all of the registered weapons. Here in the USA, these databases have been used by the media to shame gun owners (putting their lives at risk), and by the government to falsely remove firearms from law abiding citizens.

Liberals have always laughed off the suggestion that registrations could be used for nefarious purposes… but they’re not laughing now.

With the Trump administration’s decision to rescind DACA, liberals are worried that the database on “Dreamers” (those who were amnestied under DACA) will now make it easier for the government to oust them from our nation.


That’s what we’ve been saying smart guy.

While I am against DACA, I do feel empathy for the people who were promised (by Obama) amnesty, only to learn that Obama had no right to make such a promise. Sadly, they trusted Obama and signed up on the registry… and now they face deportation, just like any other illegal immigrant might.

Other conservatives noticed the same irony that I did.


Let’s just all say “NO” to government registries and databases… they never lead to anything good.

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