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Anti-gun, anti-Second Amendment, anti-American liberal Democrats continue to push their agenda to disarm the American people. The yearly record number of gun sales is something they try their best to excuse by blaming conservative white males. Every time there is a mass shooting, gun sales usually spike, especially in the area near the shooting. After blaming white males for the spikes in gun sales, liberal Democrats just had the wind taken out of their argument by a study conducted by liberal Stanford University. Their study found that female buyers make up a significant number of gun buyers after a mass shooting.

A Stanford University study shows the surges in handgun purchases that occur after a mass attack are characterized by a large number of female buyers and “first gun buyers.”

This runs completely counter to the left’s perpetual claim that gun purchasers during recent years of record background checks were simply the same old white men buying more and more firearms…

Virtually every argument used by anti-gun liberals have been proven to be bogus and yet they continue to echo the same false claims over and over. Repeating false rhetoric should be the motto of the liberal left as that is what they do in so many areas of politics, which is why so many liberals fight so hard to prevent the American people from being told the truth about many topics including guns.



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