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Millions of Americans have at least one gun in their home. They bought their guns for the purpose of self-defense in case anyone breaks into the home or threatens them, their family or possessions.

Democrats have been doing their best to leave the American people vulnerable to home intruders and attacks. In places like Maryland, gun owners are required to keep their guns unloaded and locked in a safe. They claim it helps to prevent gun violence, when in reality, it just leaves them vulnerable to attackers and criminals.

In a shocking revelation, Huffington Post, known lately for their liberal and anti-Second Amendment views, they admitted that keeping guns in the home unloaded and locked in a safe, makes little to no difference in the prevention of gun violence.

Last week the unthinkable became the unthinkable in Clovis, NM, when a 16-year-old kid walked into the public library, killed two library staff members and wounded four others, including a brother and sister who were checking out some books. I’m surprised that my friends in Fairfax haven’t sent out a call to arm all librarians but I’m sure it will shortly come. In the meantime the town of Clovis is coming to grips with the tragedy which means trying to figure out why a quiet, churchgoing teenager would commit this horrendous crime.

The one fact which has emerged about the alleged shooter, Nathaniel Jouett, is that the gun he used was legally owned. Not owned by him but by his father who kept all his guns and ammunition in a locked safe. And how did Jouett get the gun out of the safe? Simple – he knew the combination because he went shooting and hunting with his father all the time.

I’ve always asked gun control advocates how does keeping a gun unloaded and in a safe help protect a homeowner? One person actually believed that if someone broke into your home that you would still be able to go to your gun safe, open it and load your gun and be able to stop the intruder. I asked that person what happens if the intruder has a gun and they just shrugged their shoulders.




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