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A recent poll by MSNBC went horribly awry for the liberal news network.

MSNBC, the left-leaning news outfit, has massively failed with a poll posted to their website recently that backfired nearly immediately.

The question of the poll was simple; should Americans be allowed to carry guns in public?  This seems like a very straightforward question, and given MSNBC’s track record of liberal ideology, you would expect that their viewers would easily give the network the answer that they were looking for.


“An MSBNC online poll asking if ‘people should be allowed to carry guns in public’ found that 449K respondents said ‘yes,’ with only 19K respondents saying ‘no.’

“The poll is non-scientific, but it was open to the public and it appears the public responded.

“Those taking the poll read one question, ‘Do you believe people should be allowed to carry guns in public?’ They then chose from three possible answers: 1. Yes! The Second Amendment guarantees it. 2. No, it’s too dangerous. 3. Only for self-defense.”

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This embarrassing result for MSNBC will surely be swept under their big, blue rug, but not before we get a chance to relish in the fact that the 2nd Amendment has struck a small victory in the liberal corner of the internet today.

You can read more here.


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