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The backyard scientist is one of several at-home, do-it-yourself scientists that are popular right now on YouTube.

Kevin Kohler is the backyard scientist and he recently got some inspiration from watching other YouTubers build some really interesting versions of squirt guns.

For example, a couple of weeks ago, former NASA engineer Mark Rober made a massive super soaker:

The Grant Thompson, another popular YouTuber who calls himself “the King of Random,” made one too!

So, Kohler, the Backyard Scientist, wanted to do something similar but not quite the same.

Kohler decided to turn things up a few notches by creating a squirt gun that could shoot…


Yes, it is as dangerous and awesome as it sounds.

To accomplish his vision, Kohler created a stanless steel squirt gun that would be able to hold and then fire a stream of molten metal. There are a lot of worrisome little problems with getting a job like this done, and after some trial and error, Kohler found that Pewter would suit his purposes best.

Soon the at-home scientist was using compressed air to shoot streams of molten pewter at watermelons, sheets of glass, and other found at home objects. But his gun doesn’t just shoot molten liquid… it can also shoot FIRE!

Seriously, the video is well worth 10 minutes of your life to watch and enjoy:

You can see more images of Kohler’s work here.

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