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Have you ever spoken to an anti-gun liberal about gun suppressors or so-called silencers? If you have, you will learn that most of them have no idea of the real impact of using a suppressor. They believe what they see and hear on the movie screen and on television that using a suppressor nearly masks the sound of a gun being fired. In reality, suppressors only suppress some of the sound but not nearly as much as Hollywood leads one to believe. A gun with a suppressor being fired is still loud enough to be heard for some distance. Suppressors lessen the acoustical shock that damages eardrums. However, due to the Hollywood image that suppressors actually silence a gunshot and are a favorite tool of criminals and organized crime, many states have outlawed their use. Yet as the truth of suppressors comes out, some states have changed their laws to allow the use of suppressors, mostly to lessen the eardrum damage to recreational shooters. This is the reason some legislators in Massachusetts are introducing a bill to allow recreational shooters to use suppressors.

That “poofft” that accompanies a silenced gunshot in the movies?

Pure Hollywood, say gun advocates.

And the reality is, use of firearms silencers – or suppressors – is illegal for civilians in Massachusetts. Now, local legislators are hoping for a rewrite they say will better protect the ears of hunters, recreational shooters and their neighbors.

“This is not a silencer from a James Bond film, this is not the movies,” said state Rep. Paul K. Frost, R-Auburn, who is sponsoring legislation to make silencers legal for civilian use.

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The arguments used by anti-gun liberals is a clear example that most of them have no idea what they are really talking about. They use a completely bogus argument to push their anti-gun agenda and they use it out of pure ignorance. It’s the same ignorance about most facts involving guns and violence they repeat over and over even after it’s been proven to be false and inaccurate.




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