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If you look at the history of gun control leaders, you will find that most of them have one trait in common – they are all power-hungry tyrants. Most recently, think about Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton and Michael Bloomberg among other leading Democrats. To that list, Shannon Watts’ name can be added. Watts is the leader of Moms Demand Action. Reports are surfacing that she is a self-promoting tyrant who can’t has to replace employees as fast as they are hired, fired or quit.

“Staff who worked for Shannon quit or are fired faster than the organization can replace them. She’s a nightmare,” the source told TheDC. Another source close to the organization said in a written statement, “Two beliefs unite nearly all gun control supporters: background checks save lives, and Shannon Watts is a self-promoting tyrant.”

I am afraid that I am enjoying the whole article just because confirmation bias. Go read it.

I have noticed some changes within the organization but the access to internal information on a vacuous astroturf  group is not easy. I know that the Moms chapter in Florida is now being run by Michelle Gajda out of Tampa and some other laces have seen changes in leadership, but I did not know that there was that level of disgust within the organization.,,

Generally, power hungry tyrants don’t like to see strong people around them. It makes them feel threatened and insecure and that just may be the case with Watts and many other gun control advocates. They need to feel superior and powerful, if only in their own minds. These kinds of people are also unpredictable and subject to snapping at any tiny thing.



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