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One of the most disturbing attack on the Trump administration has come in the form of the left’s incessant targeting of law enforcement officers; particularly the brave men and women of Immigration and Customs Enforcement.

Known colloquially as ICE, these officers have been inexcusably compared to the Gestapo or SS of Nazi Germany, and have been on the receiving end of protests, blockades, and legislative obstruction from the moment that Trump took office.  They have been characterized as brutish, military-style dealers of some cruel and unusual punishment by the left.

The truth is obviously much different, and these brave men and women are no different than any other police officer – at least as far as respect is concerned.

The deranged left has another idea, apparently.  

A Massachusetts man who offered on social media to pay $500 to anyone who would kill a federal immigration officer was arrested Thursday, prosecutors said.

Law enforcement officials said they hope the arrest of Brandon Ziobrowski, 33, sends the message that they will not tolerate what they described as a rise in threats against immigration officers and others amid increasingly heated political debates.

“The agents and officers out there enforcing federal laws are doing their job, plain and simple,” U.S. Attorney Andrew Lelling told reporters. “Those who disagree with their mission are of course free to say so. But there is a difference between public debate and intentionally putting others in fear of their lives,” he said.

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What lawlessness the left must dream of when they lay down at night to sleep!  What new, overt subversion of sovereignty can they conjure in their slumber this time around?


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