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I understand that fast food restaurants often get my order wrong, but to pull a gun on them in the drive-thru? Geez.

Jack in the Box employees who explained the situation said that they were extremely busy when a black car came through the drive-thru. However, the occupants were angry when they had to wait for their food and that they did not get enough chicken nuggets. The driver also threw her drink at the employee working the window before pointing a gun at them.

Breaking 911 reports:

The driver then complained something was in her drink, and threw her drink at the employee through the window. The employee then closed the window, the driver and the female passenger exited the vehicle and began punching the drive-thru window; throughout the incident the driver and the passenger were screaming and cursing at the employees. When the four employees looked out the window to see if the vehicle had left, the driver pointed a handgun at them. The employees all ran from the window or jumped to the ground to hide. The suspects entered their vehicle and fled westbound on 160th St. E.

Witnesses were able to provide a license plate number for the vehicle, which was registered to an address less than 2 miles away on 92nd Ave. E. When deputies arrived at the location, they vehicle was not in the driveway and there was no answer at the door; deputies looked through a window on the garage and saw the vehicle parked inside.

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