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Zoiks. One man went a little batty after the drive thru at McDonald’s messed up his order! I mean, I can relate. Every single time I go through the drive thru, and I get the bag, there is something missing. OR every time I go to get some ice cream, the machine is down, without fail! Every. Single. Time.

However, unlike this Florida man, I have never pulled out my gun and shot an employee for forgetting to put in my extra fry. They’re good……but not that good.

Bearing Arms reports:

According to police, 39-year-old Freddy Alexander Hormazabal went inside the restaurant to complain about his order and got into a verbal argument with the store’s manager after demanding a refund.

The manager tried to get the enraged customer to leave. But instead of walking away, Hormazabal pulled out his firearm and shot the manager in the neck. The worker was taken to the hospital and has since been released.

Hormazabal has turned himself in and is being charged with attempted murder.

“It is concerning the fact that someone could get that upset over an order,” Evelyn Estevez from the Altamonte Springs Police Department told WFTV.

So….if you are itching for some McNuggets with some extra BBQ sauce, but they forget the sauce, do not, I repeat, DO NOT pull out your gun. There are better ways to solve situations like that. You know, like a taser! (KIDDING)

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